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About Our Company

We plan to create new jobs and run apprenticeship schemes. We will help people get back into work and for others to retrain in a new career.

For our major research projects, we use external facilities to keep the costs down. This provides us with the means of gathering data and conducting studies.

Message From Our Founder 

My name is Jon Silvester. I am the Director and creator of Silvflame Ltd. I am a full-time carer to my wife and father to my five children, and I work from home. Plus other places across the UK.

In February 2016, I was driving on the M5 motorway Worcestershire England I stopped on the side of the motorway as I thought my tyre had blown. I do not remember anything after that. I was found about a mile away, six hours later, on the side of the motorway by the police. They first thought I was hit by a car. In fact, what happened was I had seizures I was in the hospital for three weeks, which then turned out to be the start of epilepsy.

In the coming months, I was having up to six seizures a day. I still have them now, but they are slowly becoming controlled with medication. But ever since this all happened, I suddenly started having lots of ideas! I put pen to paper, and my ideas have developed further. Thus, Silvflame Ltd was born!

Silvflame Team

 Director Jon Silvester

Director Carrie Silvester


Silvflame Ltd would like to thank JPL Services LTD for their help and ongoing support. 

We would also like to thank Tim Maxfield, the director of business development at the Worcester Business School, and the University of Worcester, for their help and continuing support.

Also, John King, who is a Business Troubleshooter and a very successful entrepreneur how has been very supportive of my company. 

We also would like to thank Lord John Anderson, 3rd Viscount Waverley Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom.

People we are working with

Dr. Domingos Xavier Viegas is an Indian-origin Portuguese national and is a full professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra. In 1990, he founded the Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics (ADAI), a research unit recognized by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) where he is the director of the Centre for Forest Fires. He has dedicated in the investigation of forest fires, natural hazards, and safety.

We are fortunate to be working with Prof Domingos Xavier Viegas and their team and are looking to a long and productive partnership.

Andy Elliott he has been working in the fields of Wildfire, GIS and Countryside Management for over 35 years. Has Travelling around the world to gain experience, knowledge and skills. Andy is working with us, sharing his vast knowledge and skills to protect our natural resources and homes. WildfireTaC is his venture with a focus on Wildfire Mitigation and Response planning.

We are to be working with him and fortunate to have him on board.

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